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Whale Watching

In search of ocean giants!

At once both exhilarating and humbling, a whale encounter is one of those few experiences in life that truly defies adequate description. Words can never really do it justice… it’s something you have to feel for yourself.

It’s why people routinely travel across the globe in search of that special whale experience. But did you know your stay at the Celtic Ross Hotel puts you within a stone’s throw of some of the best whale watching in Europe?

It’s true: West Cork offers world-class whale watching, with humpback whales, fin whales and minke whales visiting these shores regularly, along with common dolphins, basking sharks, grey seals and more.

We’ve teamed up with Ireland’s most experienced whale-watch skipper, Colin Barnes of Cork Whale Watch, to help you realise your whale-watching ambitions.

Colin has been observing whales and dolphins off the coast of West Cork over a maritime career spanning more than 40 years. When you head out on the water with Colin you tap into that unparalleled bank of knowledge and experience, improving your chances of a successful encounter exponentially.

The species Colin records most frequently during the year are: harbour porpoise, common dolphin, minke whale and fin whale. At any time of year, we may have occasional sightings of bottlenose and risso’s dolphins. April-June is the best time to see the planet’s second biggest fish, the basking shark and can also be good for Ireland’s smallest rorqual whale, the minke. September to December (sometimes extending into January) is peak period for some of the planet’s largest creatures, namely fin and humpback whales, which may on occasion be seen in good numbers right up to Christmas in West Cork.

For tour times and bookings take a look at the Cork Whale Watch website, or call the team on 00 353 86 3850568.

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