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Wildlife Tours in Cork

Get closer to West Cork’s wild side...Anticipation! It’s a word that encapsulates the very essence of wildlife watching. That heightened sense of awareness and excitement as you venture into the unknown. Will today be the day a peregrine plummets from the sky to pluck a redshank from a panicked wader flock? Or could this be the day you see your first basking shark of the year, spot a bubble-netting humpback whale from shore or discover that elusive rare bird on a coastal headland?

It’s that element of the unknown, of exploration and discovery, that gives wildlife watching its timeless appeal. Rosscarbery, a haven for wildlife watchers, offers an astonishing diversity of wildlife habitats literally within a short walk of the Celtic Ross Hotel. You have tidal pools, estuary mud-flats, the lagoon, dunes, saltmarsh, sandy beach, inlet, bay and cliffs that provide homes for an incredible variety of plants and animals. The unique combination of habitats, accessibility, and the sheer range of species it’s possible to see here makes Rosscarbery a fantastic place for anybody with an interest in wildlife or birdwatching. So why not make the most of it, and get closer to the wild side of Ireland during your stay?

When to visit? When it comes to wildlife there’s really no bad time to visit Rosscarbery. In spring and summer, you can marvel at the exquisite orchids in the dunes at The Warren, delight in the cascading trill of the skylark's song and look out for Dolphins, Minke Whales and Basking Sharks from clifftop vantage points. In autumn and winter, the estuary plays host to a bewildering array of visiting shore birds, and larger whale species (Fin Whales and Humpbacks) who move inshore to feed, and can often be seen from the cliffs. All year round you may be lucky enough to spot a flash of cobalt-blue and orange as a kingfisher streaks across the water, or an otter enjoying a shellfish supper on the shoreline.

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It's easy to enjoy Rosscarbery's wildlife on your own by simply walking from the hotel. If you’d prefer a bit of local guidance the Celtic Ross Hotel has teamed up with Calvin Jones, owner of Ireland's Wildlife, to offer you a selection of guided Discover Wildlife Experiences direct from the hotel. They include:

  • Full and Half Day Discover Wildlife Walking Safaris
  • Residential Discover Wildlife Weekends throughout the year
  • Discover Wildlife Whale Watching Combo: guided wildlife walk and shore-based whale watching in the morning, followed by an afternoon boat trip with Cork Whale Watch (weather permitting)
  • Bespoke wildlife guiding / bird guide service

Contact Calvin today by Email or Call +353 86 8233709 or visit the Ireland's Wildlife website to arrange your perfect West Cork Wildlife experience.

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