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Celtic Ross Hotel Sustainability Actions – the story so far

Celtic Ross Hotel Sustainability Actions – the story so far

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The team at Celtic Ross Hotel, are passionate about our commitment to ensuring that daily operations at the hotel become more sustainable. As we journey towards becoming more environmentally conscious, we have adopted several initiatives and policies to meet our responsibilities which we believe will reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the planet.

As we explore and improve our operational systems, we want to ensure that the right internal culture and ethos is in place as well as investing in new initiatives. Our goal is to balance our environmental impact while also enhancing our guest experience and overall improve our business performance. Our internal Green Team actively research sustainable products & services to be used wherever possible.

We also encourage our team members to communicate our commitment to the environment and corporate social responsibility initiatives to all stakeholders of the hotel including guests, suppliers and wholesalers.

The key hotel practices which we have worked on to become environmentally friendly are:

·       Green Team:  The development of a in house dedicated green team who strive to ensure we reach our 3-5 year sustainability goals.

·       EV Pinergy Charging points: 4 New charging points installed on the grounds of the hotel.

·       CHP (combined heat and power) unit: this newly installed unit is the simultaneous production of electricity and heat usually in the form of hot water or steam from a primary fuel such as natural gas. Electricity is generated on site by using natural gas to drive an alternator connected to a turbine or engine. The heat from the exhaust gases generated by the turbine or engine is harvested to provide steam or hot water for the production processes.

·       From a community perspective Celtic Ross Hotel are huge advocates of supporting all things local from food and beverage producers on the menus to collaboration with local activity providers to sponsorship of local sporting awards and achievements.

·       Crucially, Celtic Ross Hotel is a key employer in Rosscarbery and the surrounding areas, meaning that employment gains from the hotel has an economic impact on the local community.

These are just some of our endeavours to be more sustainable. We will keep you posted as we continue on our journey.

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