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Meet Colman!

Meet Colman!

25/06/2017 | Meet the Team

For the last two summers Colman McCarthy has been welcoming our guests to the Celtic Ross. As he says himself, he has many hats - “Receptionist, Concierge and Tour Guide” and what Colman doesn’t know about Rosscarbery isn’t worth knowing! For our guests who want to learn a bit more about Rosscarbery and the surroundings lands, Colman is on hand every day to provide walking tours. With his years of experience here, and in Cork City, he is the perfect guide to some of the fascinating sights near the Celtic Ross.

Here in Rosscarbery we are surrounded by thousands of years of history. There are the incredible Neolithic stone circles, the best and most famous example being Drombeg Stone Circle which is only minutes up the road. This is a stunning sight looking out over the Atlantic and attracts hundreds of people to the Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice days when the sun and stones line up in the most magical and mysterious of ways.

Some might not know it but Rosscarbery itself was once a centre of learning back in the early fifth century and saw many travellers from Europe and Ireland coming to learn under the tutelage of St Fachtna. The importance of Rosscarbery as a religious centre continues to this day and the Rosscarbery Cathedral Church of St Fachtna is still standing on the same site that has been in use for over 1500 years. This has been a Cathedral site since at least the 12th century and the current building has been there since the 17th century when it was extensively rebuilt after the Rebellion of 1641.

Around that same time and in tandem with the Tudor reinvasion of Ireland, there is the magnificent ruin of Coppinger’s Court about a 10-minute drive from the Celtic Ross. This Elizabethan mansion was built sometime after 1612 by Sir Walter Coppinger, whose vigorous desire to develop and modernise his estates brought him into conflict with traditional rural ways. In the 1641 Rebellion, the house was ransacked and partially burnt down. So impressive was this house that it was said to have had a window for every day of the year, a chimney for every week and a door for every month. Visitors often like to count them all!

These are just some of the stories and histories that are deeply embedded in the land around the Celtic Ross and we’d invite all our guests to avail of Colman and his incredible knowledge of the area and his love for passing that on. We’ll leave you with the words of a recent guest who thought something similar:

“Extremely accommodating staff. We came for one night and spent two. The food is great and reasonable. For those like me, history buffs, don't forget to talk to Colman McCarthy!!! He is an incredible source of information!!!! We took a local tour with him, I thought it'd be two hours and we ended spending five hours!!!!! Best time!!!!!" Laura Molina

Thank you Colman, our most wonderful and erudite ambassador for Rosscarbery and the Celtic Ross Hotel.

Till next time,


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